Surveying (Buildings, Contents, Business Interruption, Liability)

—Upon receiving instructions from the Insurers, SECON will contact the Insured to arrange the site visit
—SECON require that a responsible company employee with sound knowledge of the business is available to accompany them on a site inspection and to discuss issues
—Requirements and Recommendations Reports are submitted to the Insurers and the Insured in a timely fashion
—SECON strive to ensure that all requirements and recommendations are fully discussed during the survey with agreed completion dates

Scope of Survey (Some of the important aspects are listed below)
FIRE:   Fire Detection & Warning Systems   WARRANTY COMPLIANCE:   Electrical Installation  
    Fire Fighting Equipment & Facilities           Maintenance Procedures  
                      Storage of Combustible Materials
SECURITY: Physical Security               Housekeeping Procedures  
    Security Personnel               Hot Working    
    Alarms                 Smoking      
              MANAGEMENT:     Organisation    
MATERIALS Combustibles               Quality Assurance    
STORAGE: Hazardous                      
              LIABILITY:     Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
HAZARDOUS Furnaces                 Management of H & S Reg. 1999
PROCESSES: Chemical                 Employers Liability 1969  
                      COSHH Reg. 2002    
BUILDINGS: Construction Design             Control of Lead Reg. 2002  
                      Control of Asbestos Reg. 2002